Gunvor Foundation provides scholarships, grants, and donations (impact investing) for initiatives that further the mission of empowering individuals to contribute meaningfully to the development of healthy communities, the reduction of poverty, and the improvement of environmental conditions on local and global levels.

To uphold its place as a responsible corporate citizen, Gunvor since its founding in 2000 has annually allocated a portion of its net profit to charitable activities. To keep up with the growth of Gunvor’s efforts, the Gunvor Foundation was established to formalize the structure and direction of these philanthropic programs.

Each initiative supported by the Gunvor Foundation is fully vetted to comply with Foundation standards and local and international laws governing financing and philanthropic giving. The goal is to support initiatives and programs that have a practical positive effect on the local community in which the initiative is being conducted.

The Gunvor Foundation Committee oversees all donations across the Group, in line with the mandate given by the Foundation Council, and ensures that internal criteria are met in each case. A percentage of funding is dedicated to Switzerland-based charities.

Examples of the types of programs Gunvor Foundation supports include: